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What’s New In Our Lab?

Spring 2017

"Introducing our new Translucent Zirconia material"

FALL 2011

"Introduce New Product from 3Shape Dental System" (From Peace Country Dental Studio lnc.)

We are happy to announce that we purchased a new 3shape digital scanner and we are offering more new product from "3Shape Dental System." The "3Shape Dental System" is commonly referred to as most powerful CAD/CAM system in the world. The "3Shape Dental System" provides 3D scanning, CAD modeling, order management and interfaces to essentially all manufacturing equipment and materials.

****(3Shape Dental Syatem- New Product List)****
- 3D Full Solid Zirconia Crown (3D ZirCrown or Diadem-DiaZir)
- 3M Lava Zirconia Crown
- 3M Essential Zirconia Crown
- 3M Lava DVS Zirconia Crown
- IPS E-Max Monolithic Crown (E-Max CAD or E-Max Press)
- Custom Implant Abutment (Zirconium or Titanium Abutment)
- Zirconia Maryland & Cantilever Bridges
- CoCr / Titanium Frame PFM
- Argen Laser PFM
- Dentsply PM Crown & Bridges
- Telio Temporary Crowns & Bridges
- Receive file from Chairside Oral Scanner(C.O.S)
  • Superior Aesthetics | 
  • Maximum Strength | 
  • Precision Fit


100% clinical zirconia and virtually chip proof, over 11OOMpa of flexural strength


A cost effective solution to full gold crowns. PFM's and pressed ceramics


Health Canada Class 3 Medical Device Licence

Ease of use

Occusal reduction as little as .5mm required, conventional cementation

The 3D ZirCrownTM is precision engineered from a single monolithic block of clinical grade zirconia. It yields more than twice the strength of a pressed ceramic crown yet produces similar translucency. The multi step 3D presintered shading process for this crown sets a new bar for zirconia aesthetics. When compared to other monolithic zirconia crowns the 3D ZirCrownTM exhibits a unique life-like appearance that is quickly setting the standard for aesthetics in our industry. Now you have an aesthetic and cost effective option to Full Gold Crowns.

Spring 2010

*Introducing Dentsply "Cercon Zirconia" Crown

Dear Doctor,

As of this year we purchased a new Dentsply Cercon eye CAD/CAM machine. Cercon Zirconia makes the use of this high-tech ceramic in dentistry a reality, thus opening a new perspective on dental restorations. I have found that Cercon Zirconia is one of the top three Zirconia manufactures in the U.S (3M- Lava, Nobel Biocare- Procera and Dentsply Cercon Zirconia ). I believe that Cercon Zirconia is a high strength (1,320Mpa) and bonding reliability is higher than PFM. We are all set up and have started. If you would like to send a case to try the Cercon Zirconia we would be more than happy to do them. Absolutely , we will be continuing to do 3M-Lava and Procera Zirconia crowns at any time as per your request.

Also Now we can do most popular implants cases as well all kinds of Nobel Biocare system, Straumann, Imtec, Astra Tech- ATLANTIS, and Implants Direct System. Also available Zirconum or Titanium Abutment. I hope that this information is helpful. We will send more details on these products if you request.

Please contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns, thank-you!

*We will keep you updated of our new systems and products on our website.


Kevin Choi/RDT

Peace Country Dental Studio Inc.
Red Deer, AB, T4N 1L1
Tel. (403) 347-8881