Our Products and Services

Zirconia (Argen-HT+ / Esthetic, Noble Biocare-Procera, 3M-Lava)

  • Material; Yttria-Stabilized Zirconium (YZ)
  • Delivers the most versatile assortment of full ceramic prosthetics
  • Uses CAD/CAM state of the art production processes
  • Materials used offer a high degree of biocompatibility stability & reliability and high strength performance (Flexural Strength > 900Mpa ~ 1,350Mpa)
  • Designed for excellent soft tissue response and long lasting aesthetics

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E-max crowns/veneers (Ivoclar Vivadent)

  • Material; Lithium Disilicate Glass - Ceramic
  • Highly aesthetic and high strength (Flexural Strength > 400Mpa) metal-free fabrication
  • E-Max thin veneers allows patients to retain more of their natural teeth structure. (Min. Thickness; 0.3mm)
  • Ideal for difficult combination cases
  • We offer thin veneer, inlays, onlays and full ceramic cases using E-Max press high translucent ingots

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Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

  • PFM crowns remain one of the dentistry’s primary restorations of choice. Because, when properly constructed and seated, they are strong, reliable and aesthetic.
  • Our PFM crowns and bridges we make with high noble porcelain alloys and Ivoclar d.sign porcelain powder

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Gold Inlay & Onlays and Full Gold Crowns

  • More durable in times of heavy pressure such as biting and chewing
  • Requires less tooth reduction
  • Easier to fit areas where tooth and crown meet
  • Healthier environment for gum tissue
  • We use high noble premium casting allows. These alloys will give your patient the biocompatibility and long term wear resistance for which gold is historically known

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  • Now we can do most popular implant cases as well as all kinds of Nobel Biocare System, Straumann, 3M-Imtec, Astra Tech-ATLANTS and Implant Direct system
  • Also available Zirconium or Titanium custom Abutment
  • Please call for any assistance or technical questions, we would be more than happy to help you

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Custom Shading (X-Rite – Shade Vision System)

  • We welcome your patients to our shade room for immediate custom tooth shading service with our state of the art X-Rite Shade Vision System or, for your convenience we can accommodate your patient’s needs in your office (for In Town)
  • Also, we have a Clear Shade Matching System for long distance dental office shade matching perfection (for Out of Town)
  • Send photo by email to: peacedental@yahoo.ca

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Turn around Time (Including shipping time)

  •  In Town Cases (Red Deer- One and half weeks (Includes pick-up & delivery times)
  •  Out of Town Cases - Two weeks (Includes receiving & shipping times)
  •  Rush Cases - We welcome rush cases at your request, just phone us first Please.